YOUTH Pointed Pen Calligraphy with Lindsey Wayland, June 2 or July 21

YOUTH Pointed Pen Calligraphy with Lindsey Wayland, June 2 or July 21



Using the ancient dip pen and black sumi ink, come discover the joy and beauty of calligraphy and the calming meditation of letterforms. Join poet calligrapher Lindsey Wayland to connect deeply with the letters you already use and read daily. The quality of calligraphy will bring each student closer to their center and presence.

The word calligraphy comes from two Greek words: kallos, which means “beauty,” and graphein, which means “to write” thus, “beautiful writing.” However, because calligraphy is less about beautiful handwriting and more about drawing the letterforms beautifully, anyone with enough patience can learn calligraphy.

Each student will learn the basic alphabet in classic Copperplate cursive as the foundation to experiment and add their own creative flair. Students will leave class with a more confident ability to write beautifully, to understand the letters used in nearly every application of life, and very beautiful materials. Students must have a basic understanding of writing and cursive. No other prerequisites necessary. Ages 10-18.


Praise for Lindsey’s teaching:

“I want to thank Lindsey again for the wonderful impact she has had on me.  Since I met Lindsey, I knew I wanted to work with her.  If there is one word to describe Lindsey, it is grace. I love Lindsey’s style of teaching, her soft and caring demeanor, her way of encouraging and empowering and the effort she puts forth in making each class unique and special.
I most greatly look forward to joining the next class Lindsey teaches.  Whoever takes Lindsey’s unique classes, surely will be able to better embrace letter writing, both in content and style. 
The class is a priceless gem. Thank you so very much.” 

Dr. Dolores Jacoby

"Oh, the art of calligraphy is like painting a beautiful sunset in words. Lindsey brings out the beauty in this ancient art form with passion, grace and skill. In times of constant rushing and digital typing, her class is an oasis of mindfulness and practice. I enjoyed every minute of her company and her teachings." 

Thais Oliveira

"It has been absolute pleasure to be a part of three classes with Lindsey Wayland.
With the tools and clipboard full of practice sheets we learned the basics of calligraphy including how to stop and care for ourselves by massaging our hands.  At the end of the day I had already decided to go on to the Intermediate class.
Practice, practice and more practice and with each class our tools increased and learning the nuances of different scripts. Exemplars, What??
Calligraphy is an amazing art and it is obvious that it requires dedication, focus and desire. Lindsey made our classes interesting, informative and with encouragement our writing improved. We laughed, listened and learned all that can be done with calligraphy.
Each class has been better than the last and it leaves you wanting more. Lindsey has a way of creating an atmosphere that brings talent, encouragement and art to each class.  I am forever grateful to Lindsey for inspiring us to keep coming back.
Thank you Lindsey Wayland!!!"

—Sharon Wenzler  Ink Meditations for the Curious Beginner,  Ink Meditations: Pointed Pen Calligraphy for Intermediates, and Write a Beautiful Holiday Letter

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