Improvisational Circles: Quilting Technique with Barbara Ramsey, October 14 & October 28

Improvisational Circles: Quilting Technique with Barbara Ramsey, October 14 & October 28



This is a class for experienced quilters who want to become more skillful at free-form curved piecing.  It is a two-part class: Part 1 is primarily a technique class, and Part 2 focuses on design and color.  Students will have the opportunity to practice the techniques learned in Part 1 before moving on to the design and color aspects in the second part of the class.

Who should take this class?
Art quilters especially encouraged to attend. 
Quilters who'd like to get more comfortable working without templates or patterns.

Who shouldn't take this class?
Inexperienced quilters who haven't previously sewn curves.
Quilters who aren't yet ready to get loose and (at least a little) wild!


1. Fabric:
You'll need to bring a assortment of fabrics in a wide range of values (light to dark) and many colors.  Bring at least 12 different fabrics: 6 larger* pieces and 6 smaller** pieces.  The emphasis here is AT LEAST, since I encourage people to bring even more fabrics if they can.  I frequently hear students say, "I wish I'd brought more fabric!"

NOTE: Some people like to bring their "ugly" fabric to experiment with (easy to chop it up and mess around with fabric you're not very attached to) while other people prefer to use really great fabric that motivates them to make something gorgeous as soon as possible.  Personally, I'm in the "ugly" camp since it allows me to explore new techniques more freely, but those of you who want to bring your most sumptuous fabrics, go right ahead.  Either way is fine with me, or do both.

* Larger = at least 12"x12"
** Smaller = scraps of whatever you have lying around

2. Sewing machine with supplies (thread, scissors, pins, etc.)
3. Cutting equipment (rotary cutter, self-healing mat, cutting rulers of various sizes)
4. Pencil and paper for taking notes

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