Illustrating Picture Books with Dana Sullivan, October 1-November 5

Illustrating Picture Books with Dana Sullivan, October 1-November 5



Picture yourself making that picture book! Maybe you’ve had a great idea in your head forever and want to move forward. If so, we will march step by step through the process of character development to story, right up to your own dummy, ready for submission!*

Join Dana Sullivan, writer and/or illustrator of more than 16 picture books and graphic novels for this intensive dummy bootcamp, focusing on playful doodling, storyboarding, inside stories of the publishing world and having fun.

Open to all levels of artistic training. Stick figures welcome. A perfect class for illustrators AND writers looking for a new perspective on their work. Plus, that kick in the back cover you may have been needing. AGES 16+

Required Supplies:

  • Ream of copy paper

  • Pad of “Mixed Media” paper, 9”x12”

  • Pencils • Pencil sharpener

  • Fine tip sharpies or other black markers

  • One regular black Sharpie (fat, but not poster size)

  • Watercolor set (cheap kid type is fine)

  • Two watercolor brushes, one medium, one big and fat

  • Cheap sketch pad, 5.5” x 8.5” or so

  • Small bottle of india ink (waterproof)

  • Something to tote all of the above in, so you can bring EVERYTHING to EVERY class

  • Questions? email Dana at
    *actual results may vary. You've gotta put in the work.


Dana has written and illustrated several published picture book, including Ozzie and the Art Contest, Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari, My Red Velvet Cape, and Family Farm. He’s illustrated the Digger and Daisy early readers and the BodyOpolis series. His first graphic novel Dead Max Comix is imminent and he is currently behind schedule on Dead Max 2: Drawn To Death. Dana’s favorite color is dog and his favorite vegetable is peanut butter.


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