Getting Started in Watercolor with Shirley Mercer, March 6-April 3

Getting Started in Watercolor with Shirley Mercer, March 6-April 3



Join watercolor artist Shirley Mercer in this beginning or refresher watercolor course. 

This class is perfect for beginners or those who haven't painted in a while. Students will learn BASIC TECHNIQUES (wet-in-wet, hard edge/soft edge, painting within the wet, charging, scumbling) and BASIC CONCEPTS (palette maintenance, color mixing, use of value to create distance, making it pop.) This is a hands-on class with demos by instructor and one-on-one time with each student. Students may purchase materials from me or if using their own, should contact me to determine suitability of their paper and paints. My e-mail is:


Paints - Daniel Smith
1. Indigo
2. Cobalt
3. Quinacridone Gold
4. Permanent Alizarin Crimson
5. Van Dyck Brown

Brushes - Watercolor quality (My choices are listed in parentheses)
1. Large flat 1-1/2" or 2". (Princeton Neptune)
2. # 6 or 8 round with fine-pointed end. (Black Velvet Silver)
3. #1 or 2 Script or Rigger (Black Velvet Silver)
4. 1/4" or 1/2" flat with chisel edge (Black Velvet Silver or Princeton

Paper - Fabriano Artistico
1. 1/4 sheet of 140 lb cold pressed
1. Palette (watercolor)
2. Backer board (I recommend gator board)
3. Pencil ****
4. kneaded eraser
5. paper towels ****
6. straight edge ****
7. water container ****
8. fine-mist spray bottle
9. stapler ****
10. staples ****

Items marked with **** are household items and do not need to be ordered from an art supply store.

OPTIONAL MATERIALS FEE: $20 payable to the instructor on the first day of class. "If you are new to watercolor, you may use my supplies for an additional $20. That way, you can try watercolor before you invest in all the supplies."  Shirley Mercer


NOTE: Olympic Art & Office and Quimper Mercantile offer 10% discount for PTSA students.

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