Frame Building For Artists - A PTSA & PTSW Collaborative Workshop, October 20 & 21

Frame Building For Artists - A PTSA & PTSW Collaborative Workshop, October 20 & 21



Frame Building for Artists - A collaborative weekend workshop taught by faculty from The Port Townsend School of Woodworking and Port Townsend School of the Arts.

Are you an artist who is regularly in need of quality frames? Would you like to add a special touch to your work by making your own frames? If yes…This workshop is for you.

Learn how to elegantly frame 2D artworks without the need for a loud, dangerous woodshop and without breaking the bank.

This class taught by PTSW’s John Edwards with help from PTSA’s Mike Biskup will help artists create high quality, affordable frames for their work using safe, precise hand tools. You will leave the class with the basic skills needed to set up your "shop" and build your own frames - And at least one finished frame for one of your artworks.

We’ll explore a variety of framing options and a variety of ways to set up an efficient and reasonably priced ($2-500) frame-centric woodworking station.

All materials needed during the class (wood and glue) are supplied and included in the $200 fee. Tools will be available to use during the class.

Topics include:

  • Procuring tools and setting up your simple frame making area.

  • Basic design and measuring skills.

  • Basic hand tool skills.

  • Choosing the style of frame to highlight specific kinds of artworks.

  • To glaze or no to glaze?

  • Selecting wood for frames.

  • Varnishing and staining wood for lasting beauty.


John Edwards

Mike Biskup

Port Townsend School of Woodworking 

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