Focus on Florals with Jenny Doh, April 18 & 19, 2020

Focus on Florals with Jenny Doh, April 18 & 19, 2020


SATURDAY & SUNDAY, APRIL 18 & 19, 9:30 AM-4:30 PM

Join me for a 2-day workshop where we will learn to how to paint a floral painting using photo references. Please feel free to bring photo references of flowers that you may want to potentially paint. If you don't have photos, no worries, I will bring plenty of references that you can use.

We will do a series of rapid-fire value-seeing and value-painting exercises of approximately 5-7 floral references. These reference photos will be provided by me for each participant. I will demonstrate a painting exercise and then ask the class to do the same, in a timed manner. We will do this approximately 5-7 times. The purpose of this rapid-fire exercise is to get participants loosened up, aware, fully present, and ready to paint. We will spend time observing the references to discuss how the direction of each blossom can be actualized as we observe shapes and values and visualize our paintings.

After the rapid-fire round, we will prep discuss the subject that each person wants to paint and learn how to prep the canvas for the work ahead the following day.

We will also squeeze into this day, a blind-contour drawing/painting using one of the references from the quick-fire session.

We will move to making a very light drawing of the reference, then paint the values, and then paint the colors. Throughout the process, we will adopt the THREE Ds of painting where we 1) Deliberate, 2) Decide, and 3) Deliver. I will also help you add finishing touches on the final day.

MATERIALS LIST: Each participant is asked to bring the following to the workshop:

  • Your best energy, and openness to receive constructive criticism

  • Punctuality

  • Sketch pad: 11x14 inches, wire-bound

  • Artist tape (or washi tape or masking tape)

  • Photo reference(s) of flowers on your smart phone and/or your tablet

  • 1-2 stretched canvases: 18x24 inches (I recommend Blick Studio Cotton Canvas, traditional ¾ inch profile, available at

  • Water-soluble pencil (like a stabilo or a derwent inktense in black) and pencil sharpener

  • PAINTS: Please bring Golden Fluid Acrylics in the following colors: Titanium White, Raw Umber, Titan Buff, Diarylide Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Pyrrole Red Light

  • PAINTS: Please also bring these optional colors: Teal, Green Gold, Prussian Blue, Naples Yellow Pthalo Green, Flourescent Pink (Golden heavy body) and any other colors you feel good about. I really recommend that you bring Golden Fluid acrylics. 

  • PAINTS: Please also bring these optional colors by Holbein Heavy Body: Jaune Brillant, Aqua Blue, Anthraquinone Red

  • PAINTBRUSHES: 1-inch and 1/2-inch short flat brushes (also known as Brights) with long handles. White nylon (or other synthetic bristles) is what I recommend. No need to bring any other brushes.

  • Baby wipes

  • Palette and/or palette paper (Lately I use palette paper on top of a palette (which can be wood, plastic, glass or anything that is firm) and then when the paper is all used up, I change out the paper

  • Paper towels

  • Apron or smock

  • Container for water

  • Easel: I will be using one of the floor easels to demonstrate. There are other floor easels that the school has, which you can use, or you can bring a table easel, which will also work. Please check with the school to coordinate the use of a floor easel.


If you bring all the paints as I have listed above, there is no materials fee. If you bring different paints (thinking you will use your paint) and end up using my paints I will ask you to provide a materials fee of $15 preferably by cash (or by check, paypal, or venmo).



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