Create a Magpie Talisman with Kathy Van Kleeck, May 2 & 3

Create a Magpie Talisman with Kathy Van Kleeck, May 2 & 3



Create a one of a kind Talisman, loaded with personal treasures, found objects, charms and gems. Your special Talisman can be a necklace, a wall or altar piece. We’ll walk the beach at Ft Worden to look for treasures that can be drilled or wire wrapped. Then, working with fine silver metal clay, we’ll create charms, medallions, accents, beads and text nuggets to include in the Talisman. The participant can bring their own meaningful objects, beads and adornments to work into the piece, making it a truly special, one-of-a-kind treasure. We’ll finish off the Talisman with Blessing wraps, inscribed with mantras or affirmations and seeds hidden within.

Materials fee: $90, cash or check payable to Kathy Van Kleeck on the first day of the workshop.

Includes:  One 15 gram package PMC3; slip container; sterling and base metal wire in assorted gauges; work surfaces, consumables including diamond core drills for drilling beach glass and pebbles, butane for torches, silk and linen thread and beeswax for waxing threads, finishing materials including brass brush, polishing papers and 3m scrubbies, liver of sulfur for patina and handouts.

I will have additional 15 gram packages of PMC3 available for purchase.  Cost is variable and will be determined at time of class (Oct. 2018, $30).

Materials I will provide:  firing tools, several Micro Butane Torches and firing surfaces, cross-link tweezers and several sets of jewelry forming pliers/cutters and finishing tools that will be shared by the group; implements for creating textures and motifs, extra polishing tools, flex-shaft drill; forging blocks; cling film for protecting wet clay.

I will have some materials available for use by the group, but it will be helpful to bring the following items: Any ceramic or polymer clay tools if you have them, including needle tool, exacto or utility blade, 8” length of PVC or acrylic roller; implements for texture; small amount of olive oil, Badger Balm or other non-petroleum based salve for lubricant; jewelry forming pliers, needle nose, round nose, flush cutter; burnishing tools; straws or tubes in assorted diameters, strips of card stock for spacers; small hammer; micro butane torch; beads, gems, fabric scraps,  and treasures to add to your Magpie Talisman; favorite tools that you love to work with that may come in handy.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Be mindful of any metals you bring to class for working with the raw clay.  Aluminum corrupts PMC3 at a microscopic level and will destroy your work … NO Aluminum anything should come in contact with fine silver metal clay.


About Kathy

I started making jewelry in 1994 and through the years I've assimilated a diverse range of influences and interests into a distinctive style that I call Urban Primitive. I'm primarily self-taught via lots of how-to books and a workshop here and there. My medium of choice is a relatively new material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC) - precious or base metal powders in a clay -like base. I began working with the original fine silver PMC soon after it was released in the US in 1997, and it was love at first touch. My favorite thing about metal clay is how I can form each component by hand, pinching and nudging shapes, smearing and rolling edges ... my fingerprints are visible in each piece, quite literally, the hand of the maker. I’m a founding member of the original PMC Guild and received my Rio Rewards PMC Certification with Tim McCreight in 2001. I was the first person to teach PMC at the legendary John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and have since taught through art retreats and independent workshops, including ArtFest in Port Townsend. I’ve recently shifted my focus as a maker towards creating Talismans and Tools for spiritual growth and support. It’s been a leap of faith and is proving to be an enormously fulfilling path. NOTE: Olympic Art & Office and Quimper Mercantile offer 10% discount for PTSA students.

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