Create a Felted Prayer Flag with Connie Lobo & Carol Dudley, July 6

Create a Felted Prayer Flag with Connie Lobo & Carol Dudley, July 6



Open to ages 12 and up!

This class is intended to open hearts and minds to the artist within and respond to deep symbolism that desires to be manifested in the art of personal storytelling thru needle felting prayer flags. All materials are provided for five prayer flags and two instructors will assist in teaching the technique. Each student will complete at least one flag, usually more. Ages 12 and up and no experience necessary.

All materials provided.


Carol Dudley is a fiber artist.  Working in the Waldorf School as a hand work teacher introduced her to wet felting.  Wet felting led to nuno felting and that captured her creative mind and heart.  Under the tutelage of Jean Gauger, Heidi Dascher, flora Carlile-Kovacs, Carol’s artistic skill and confidence have expanded and she now sells and shows her wearable art.


Connie Lobo is a self-taught fiber artist who grew up and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She has always loved working with her hands and creating beautiful, useful items ; knitting, crocheting, embroidery, basket making, and beaded jewelry. The discovery of 2 -D needle felting has become her passion. Connie creates needle felting paintings with felt as her canvas, colorful wool roving as her paint and a barbed needle as her paintbrush, using a technique of layering the colors to create a depth and texture. Connie’s website: NW Wolf Studio

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