Composition with Chris Witkowski, November 12-13

Composition with Chris Witkowski, November 12-13



Open to all levels of ability. (Learning Good Values, Oct. 1-2 would be helpful but is not required for this class).

“Composition is the arrangement of artistic parts so as to form a uniform whole”

It is the elemental design and structure of your artwork. It’s what draws a viewer from across the room to your painting. It requires taking into consideration space, form, line, value, and color. It’s ultimately about balance which is achieved by deliberating texture and pattern, intervals and proportion, contrast and emphasis, rhythm and movement and harmony and discord.

It’s a lot to consider but absolutely essential in order to create compelling art. Through examples and exercises, Chris will help you to clarify and simplify these concepts so that you’ll be seeing great compositions everywhere you look!

Bring 6-12 photos that inspire you printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper. You will be working from these as we search for good compositions. They can be of any subject matter. You are also welcome to bring any artwork (completed or not) that you’d like to review compositionally.

Materials: sketchbook and pencils


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