Color + Design with Mark Eanes, August 16-18, 2019

Color + Design with Mark Eanes, August 16-18, 2019



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The attractiveness of art work. It is adventurous, strenuous and joyful. Agnes Martin

In this popular workshop, Mark Eanes provides students with in-depth instruction of color mixing, mark-making and strategies to create rich and harmonious designs that reflect each person’s unique creative voice.

Imagine the studio as a laboratory. A place where constant experimentation leads to fuller understanding. A space that promotes process, supports trial and error, even failure, over the product. Students can expect a rigorous exploration into the vast and complex world of color and design. The goal here is to provide each student with a strong basic understanding of color - how to see it, how to use it, how to mix and combine hues to achieve that most elusive goal - harmony in color.

Whether working from observation or abstractly there are three important concepts to explore:

  • Understanding Abstraction (freedom of representational qualities)

  • Exploration of Color (perception of color & the role of hue, value, & saturation)

  • Creating good Design & Composition (balance, unity, hierarchy, & simplicity)

Participants will leave the workshop with small color studies and a few completed works of art, but more importantly, a renewed and enriched sense of adventure and confidence in how to tackle the blank surface.

It is important for artists to understand the fundamental principles of drawing and painting, but equally important are the existential questions that we all ask. In this workshop participants will have ample time to discuss these important issues:

  • Why am I stuck? How do I get un-stuck?

  • What do I want to say? How to say it? What is my style? Do I even know?

  • Where, and how do I begin? How can I work with more confidence?

  • What colors to use? Why can’t I mix the right colors?

  • How to achieve color harmony?

  • When is it done? How to avoid overworking the piece?

Tools and Materials:

During the workshop we will be using Water base paint and brushes (Acrylic/Gouache (optional), plus drawing tools and materials (charcoal base).

An extensive tools and materials list will be provided to all participants, prior to the workshop.

Student Testimonials:

“This workshop will enhance one’s studio practice and life in general. It will speak to you. Each day you decide what are the most meaningful takeaways for your practice.”

“Mark created a lovely balance for both learning and allowing individual expression.”

“Mark is a great lover and keeper of knowledge, a perpetual student who not only wants to demystify the knowledge for his students, he wants them to have the keys to the kingdom. His great reverence and respect for what art is and what it can be are obvious and contagious.”

“I will keep these days (in the workshop) as a torch to be light when in a tunnel.”


Mark Eanes is a painter, printmaker, photographer, curator, and educator who has spent the last 20 years living and working in Benicia, California. Mark is currently an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts (CCA), where he has taught for over twenty five years. Eanes has shown his paintings throughout California as well as nationally and internationally. He has also had solo exhibitions at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the Patricia Sweetow and Michael Dunev Galleries in San Francisco, Fairfield Center for the Arts, Dominican College in San Rafael, the Mill Valley Arts Commission Gallery, and the Hanford Center for the arts. Eanes's works have been included in selected exhibitions at the Applied Arts Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA., San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art’s artist gallery, the Etra Gallery in Miami, the Ruth Bacofner Gallery in Los Angeles, the Cumberland gallery in Nashville TN, and the San Paulo Biennale, among many others. Eanes's work is in numerous private and corporate collections, nationally and internationally. His work can be seen at

Mark Eanes Gallery

Mark Eanes YouTube

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