Carving an Animal That Fits Your Hand with Stan Peterson, September 15 - 17

Carving an Animal That Fits Your Hand with Stan Peterson, September 15 - 17



From whittling to carving sculpture which fits in the hand. Using advances in adhesives, and with instruction in safe carving techniques, you will learn to Add as well as Subtract in wood.

 Perhaps you will carve away a nose and later add a bird’s beak as you design and refine your handheld original wood sculpture. Humor as well as creative problem solving are encouraged.

You will be introduced to milk paints as a finishing treatment. Participants leave with the skills and understanding to continue independently at home.

No previous experience is required. The class has a maximum of eight students, so you will receive a lot of personal attention.

Students will need to bring a Safety glove  (Kevlar) for the hand holding the wood, and a Flexcut knife and a gouge. (#5 is suggested but other sizes are good).

Flexcut carving tools are recommended since they come pre-sharpened. The instructor will provides basswood, additional carving tools as loaners, glues, and bench hooks. The materials fee of $25 is paid to the instructor on class day.

Stan Peterson is a professional wood sculptor living in Portland. His approach to teaching is individualized to the skill level and interest of the students. He assists each person in finding their own voice through making art. He has taught drawing, relief printmaking, and woodcarving for more than twenty-five years and featured in exhibitions in New York, Portland, San Francisco, and at Simon Mace Gallery in PT.


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