Botanical Illustration in Watercolor: Techniques with Marcy Gordon, September 10-October 8

Botanical Illustration in Watercolor: Techniques with Marcy Gordon, September 10-October 8



In this class you will learn the skills necessary to execute representational, highly detailed botanical illustrations. We will begin by working through a series of exercises designed to help you learn control of the medium.  The sequence of these exercises allows a steady progress toward mastery with each skill building on the last one learned.  Using lecture, demonstration and individually supervised exercises, this highly structured course will help students progress from basic washes in a controlled area through complex three dimensional forms.

This class is appropriate for all levels of skill from absolute beginner to professional watercolor painters wanting to learn more control in their work.

This class will be followed after the first of the year with a class applying these skills to a complete botanical painting of your choosing.


  • 20" x 30" Crescent Cold Press Illustration Board #310 cut into 10" squares ( If you need help with this or have any other questions, please call me at 360 732-0011)

  • small tubes of transparent watercolor in the following colors (student grade are fine)

    • lamp black (for studies only)

    • cadmium red deep

    • cadmium yellow light

    • ultramarine blue

    • alizarin crimson 

  • ruler

  • H B or #2 pencil

  • pink pearl eraser

  • watercolor palette

  • large container for water, soft rags or paper towels

  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE BRUSH ! How much control you have depends on the quality of the brush.  Sable is best, but Black Gold synthetic is fine.  You only need one brush, #6 round if sable, #8 round if Black Gold.


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