Bookbinding Basics with Taylor Hanigosky, September 24-25

Bookbinding Basics with Taylor Hanigosky, September 24-25



In this workshop, students will learn how to create hard and softcover hand bound books. We will begin with a basic discussion of book construction, useful tools and paper choice. From there, students will learn the basic 3-hole stitch, Japanese stab binding, Coptic stitch and secret Belgian binding. These are book constructions I personally use regularly and that offer a variety of design scenarios to prepare students to create a book for whatever situation they can dream of. Students will make several books in the workshop and leave with knowledge and hands-on skills to make their own artist books and journals and to continue creative and more advanced book binding pursuits.

Students are encouraged to bring special papers or fabrics they would like to use in the book projects. Supplies are also provided.

SUPPLIES FEE: $15, cash or check payable to the instructor on the first day of the workshop.

ABOUT TAYLOR: Taylor is is a process-based interdisciplinary artist living in Port Townsend, WA. Her creative practice is grounded in intuitive listening and a deepening relationship to her natural surroundings. Taylor harvests natural materials to create installations, sculptures, drawings and books that ask questions about time, labor, and the interaction of the body in nature. She offers book art workshops through the Northwest.


  • Sharp Exacto Knife

  • Self-healing mat

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