Beginning Watercolor Workshop with Christine Witte, September 6–October 4

Beginning Watercolor Workshop with Christine Witte, September 6–October 4


Learn watercolor painting - it's mysteries, it's idiosyncrasies, it's characteristics, it's luminosity. You will learn about watercolor tools of the trade—the best brushes to use, paints, what to look for in paper, paper weights and finishes, what type of palette will work best for you. We will explore what makes watercolor paints different, how to prepare your paper for painting your composition. You will learn about mixing paint - why blue and yellow don't always make green, when to use transparent and opaque watercolors, mixing on paper, glazing and more.  We will explore watercolor techniques—brush techniques, other ways to apply paint, wet on wet, dry brush, using salt and other methods to add texture. Students are encouraged to bring reference photos, sketches, etc for composing their own painting design. Some photos will be provided to use for this purpose.

Materials fee: $20.00 includes a palette of watercolors, brush, paper samples, and materials for texture techniques. Note: Olympic Art & Office and Quimper Mercantile offer 10% discount for PTSA students.

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