Ascending the Golden Spiral with Sam Allison, March 11-April 8

Ascending the Golden Spiral with Sam Allison, March 11-April 8



This class will expand upon a foundation of classical geometric design with compass and straightedge. At the outset we’ll endeavor to create unique designs with patterns and fractals. We’ll then bring our compositions to life with shading, color, collage, and any embellishments your imagination calls for. We’ll hone our skills with a variety of media, including ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. The challenge is to balance meticulous line work with spontaneous expression.  

Along the way, we’ll reflect on the metaphysical questions posed by history’s great geometers. How does the genius of Nature design the plants and animals of our world, our own body and mind included? How can we align our vision with the Cosmic Architecture? We’ll consider the implications for both our art practice and our understanding of the world.  

This class is structured for artists who have taken Samuel’s intro to hand-drawn geometry, The Tools of Universal Design. Anyone familiar with sacred geometry or skilled in draftsmanship is welcome to join. 



  • 18x24 sketching journal or drawing pad + sketch board to support the paper

  • Drafting compass with extra leads

  • Drafting straight edge or ruler

  • Protractor

  • Pencil, pen, eraser

  • Optional: colored pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pens

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