Art From The Inside Out: Reflect on 2017 & Envision 2018 with Glo Lamson, December 30 & 31

Art From The Inside Out: Reflect on 2017 & Envision 2018 with Glo Lamson, December 30 & 31



Learn to bring art to life by reflecting on your life in the art making process. We will begin by utilizing thought provoking prompts for journal writing, other mark making and visual art activities to reflect on your past year. You will kindly consider what you did and what you learned. Then our focus will turn towards what you want in your experience of 2018 – the direction you want to take, the intentions you want to hold, the things you’d like to accomplish. Using a combination of art supplies and tools provided, along with personally meaningful materials you bring, you will be encouraged to create a one-of-a-kind symbolic or metaphoric object such as a 3-D sculpture, totem, altar, or other meaningfully embellished container, colorful drawing or mandala. Your unique creation can support your vision while reminding you of your chosen direction and intentions in 2018. No previous art experience is necessary.

Instructor will provide writing materials, an array of tubes for totems, some bowls and boxes for containers, black and white papers for drawings, color pencils, markers, paints and brushes, drills, screws, glue guns, and other small tools and miscellaneous items for sculptures. Also available will be various collage making items. Students are not required to bring materials but may want to bring current journal / writing notebook and or personal calendar and an apron or shirt to protect their clothes. Also any personally meaningful images, items or particular art materials students might like to use for their own project.

MATERIALS FEE: $7, payable to the instructor on the first day of class. 

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