Art From The Inside Out: 2018 Reflections & 2019 Creations with Glo Lamson, January 5 & 6

Art From The Inside Out: 2018 Reflections & 2019 Creations with Glo Lamson, January 5 & 6


SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JANUARY 5 & 6, 10:30 AM-3:30 PM

Reflect on your personal experience of the past year and explore what’s important for you in the coming year using guided journaling and/or some form of mark-making i.e. drawing. Investigate where you want to focus and what’s important for you in the coming year. Discover the direction/s you want to take, the intention/s you want to hold, the thing/s you’d like to accomplish. With this personal ‘material’ in mind, you will be guided to create a one-of-a-kind, personally meaningful object such as a totem, altar, or mandala to remind you of your vision for 2019. We will work within a loose supportive framework of guidance and prompts to assist in this reflective and creative process, using art supplies and tools provided, along with materials you may bring. Writing and art-working can help illuminate your life path behind and ahead of you. Your thoughts and intentions can be seeds from which your physical reality grows. Putting this ‘material’ into physical form serves as an anchor and container for those qualities and experiences you want to encounter in your life. Your unique creation will continue to enliven your vision and be an evocative reminder of your chosen direction and intentions for 2019. No art experience necessary.

Glo will provide handouts as guides for reflective work, cardboard tubes and boxes to create totems or altars, black and white papers for drawings, color pencils, markers, paints and brushes, drills, screws, glue guns, and other small tools for sculptural work. Students are not required to bring any particular materials but any current journal / writing notebook, personal calendars to help you reflect on your past year could be helpful. Please bring any personally meaningful images, objects or particular art materials you might like to use in the piece you create to carry your vision for 2019. An apron or shirt to protect your clothes would be useful.

Materials fee: $10, cash or check payable to Glo Lamson on the first day of the workshop.

Black & white darkroom photography and jewelry making fed my soul in high school. Fine art photography continued to be central in my life for 15 years. Then I painted abstractly for a 5-year period, loving the immediacy of mark making by hand and the vibrancy of chosen colors. For the last 20 years I’ve focused on creating temporary art installations and interactions in nature, architectural environments and for public art-festivals, documenting this work with still photographs. Using art to explore my questions of life and my psyche in relationship to the surrounding world continues to inspire me. I have a BA with a specialization in photography from Evergreen State College (1975) and an MFA in Arts and Consciousness (1999) from JFK University in California. I’ve taught various arts related and creativity classes, independently and through various colleges and churches since 1978. Art-making gives us a way to work with where we are and transform our life experience. I’m interested in facilitating experiences that awaken a our intuitive self-knowledge while deepening our connections to the worlds within and around us. Teaching is a way for me to give back some of the gifts that my art practice has given me.


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