Abstract Fundamentals with Kim Kopp, April 2-30

Abstract Fundamentals with Kim Kopp, April 2-30



Abstraction in Art was a trend in painting and sculpture begun early in the twentieth century as artists sought to break away from the representation of physical reality and objects. Today, Abstract Art is a formal and/or spontaneous Art Form that encompasses relationships between shapes and forms, lines, and colors. It offers the Artist a wide range of possibility for personal expression.

This 5 session workshop is a concentrated study in Abstract Fundamentals. It is designed to deepen understanding of Abstraction through experimentation, materials, and various techniques and methods. This workshop explores various approaches that unravel abstract ideas, expand compositional possibilities, and create useful sketchbook habits. Each student will create a individual response to the suggested exercises. All sessions will contain a brief topic for conversation, a large amount of hands on time to explore assignments and ask questions, followed by group discussion. Suitable for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

Students will want to bring a selection of painting materials and tools, plus a sketch book. (materials: a variety of each student's choosing to include: collage, water based paint on paper, board or canvas, oil paints are fine, but participant must bring low VOC solvent.) Collage and other materials will be available for a small fee.


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