Art Dolls with Ginny King, February 21 & 22

Art Dolls with Ginny King, February 21 & 22



This two day workshop will instruct students in creating Art Dolls with a wire armature, padding and “skin”. Clothes for your doll are a definite option. Class will begin with making your armature. Once satisfied with the basic shape of the doll, students will pose their doll and wrap the wire with batting and then add fabric skin to the doll. Embellishments can easily be brought into play at this stage and are a great bit of fun. Students will also learn various techniques for attaching the padding and outside layers. Methods of attachment will include hand sewing, wrapping with wire, yarn or fabric strips. A glue gun will also be on hand for those who dislike sewing. Choose your own method or combine them all. A vast array of supplies will be provided for a small fee. These will include the instructor’s Eye Station, a wide variety of fabrics with ample faux fur and unusual fabrics, costume jewelry, feathers, and unusual options for hands, feet, noses, lips and wings. Bits and bobs galore! No prior experience is needed for this workshop. Come learn something new, or expand on your skills.

Materials fee: $15, in cash or check made payable to Ginny King on the first day of the workshop.


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