3D Plaster Painting with Kristina Hestenes-Stimson, April 23-27

3D Plaster Painting with Kristina Hestenes-Stimson, April 23-27



Sculpting a 3-dimensional painting is fun, fast, and easy! Imagine playing with mud and adding found objects for a bit of collage. Students will use Plaster of Paris to create shapes on top of a burlap surface. Color is added  into the plaster or painted on it while wet or dry. Wet plaster is shaped and small treasures can be imbedded in it. Dry plaster can be intentionally cracked or scraped to reveal color beneath and to give texture for interest. There are endless possibilities. When you are finished you will have a beautifully presented masterpiece. We will do a minimum of thee paintings in this class. However, once you get the hang of it you may want to do more. It is instant gratification.


In my twenties I studied fine art at the L'Ecole Des Beaux Arts. Sculpture inspired me to become an Architect. After years of drawing precise lines, 3D painting is liberating and delivers the joy of sculpture, color, and play.

This course can be taking stand-alone OR as preparation for the large-scale low-relief course Big Bah (Bas) Relief with Kristina Hestenes-Stimson. Sign up for one or both of them now!

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