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We welcome your ideas for classes.

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Please be flexible and list all the times you are available. Adult classes are usually 3-4 hours during weekdays. Weekends are usually reserved for adult workshops. Youth classes are usually held after school.
Tell us the 'story' of this class in 150 words or less, as if speaking directly to a student. Please address: What will the student learn and experience? What materials and processes will be used? At the end of class, what will the student have learned and what will they take home? Are there prerequisites or are all levels welcome?
Write one or two sentence describing your experience and perhaps why you like this medium.
What supplies does the student need to bring, what is supplied, and what would it be nice to have?
This is paid directly to the teacher. Please indicate in the supply list above which materials, will be provided.
Most classes are limited to 12, though a few are as large as 16 or as small as 8.
How can students reach you?
Tell us the story of your life as an artist. In no more than 200 words, include 1-2 sentences each on the following: Start with something personal about how you came to art, your schooling and career to date, and then something about why you love to teach and your teaching philosophy. This will be posted along with your picture on the faculty page.
Please indicate if you have a mailing and/or email list of past students or followers, your social media sites, and any ideas you have for promoting the class.
Your proposed start date for the class *
Your proposed start date for the class
May students continue to join your class after the first meeting? *
If not disruptive, we encourage you to enable students to join later. Tuition is pro-rated.

Please also send at least three hi-res images of artwork relevant to this class in a jpg or png format to info@ptarts.org. Thank you for your interest in teaching at PTSA!