Art Cloth: Surface Design with Ginny King

Long "rubber" gloves
Apron and old clothes
Duct tape
Notebook and pen
20 large safety pins with 2 cheap beads. Each pin should have the same beads. This will identify you fabric with it comes out of the dye pot.

We will make most of the technique samples from 12" squares of Pimatex cotton. There are other natural fibers that dye quite well with fiber reactive dyes and now is the time to experiment with Prepared For Dyeing (PDF) rayon, silk or linen. You will need approximately 2 to 4 yards of Pimatex cotton.

I will bring many dyes for experimentation. However, you should bring 4 colors of dyes that you like and that will compliment each other. Such as blue, purple, lavender, and magenta. Or loden green, marigold, golden brown, and forest green. Or even red, orange, golden yellow, and red wine.

Many techniques will require the use of fabric paint. Bring any that you have at home, and additional colors that will compliment your palette of dyes. I use Jacquard medium consistency textile paints and Versatex paints. Speedball screen printing inks are also wonderful. In addition, ProChem makes their own line of fabric paints and dyes.

I will provide dye auxilliary chemicals, pots, stir rods, cups, bowls, etc. Also I will bring a wide variety of dyes and paints for experimentation.

In addition, I will by 8 x 10" screens and squeegees at volume discount for you to purchase from me at the time of class.

Despite the long supply list, there is a $30 supply fee to be paid at the time of our first class.

If you have any questions or concerns about the class or supplies, please call me at:

Thank you! Ginny King

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Pro Chemicals & Dye:

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