4/12 - 5/10, Art Journaling with Kelly Drake, Wednesdays, 9:30am-Noon

4/12 - 5/10, Art Journaling with Kelly Drake, Wednesdays, 9:30am-Noon


Art Journaling is an incredible trend that encourages daily creativity without the limits of judgement or deadlines. Unlike other forms of art, it's not about the outcome...it's about the journey...it's about the work. 


In this class, we'll start out by creating simple, colorful backgrounds in our journal. Then, we'll break out the paint, gesso, pens, pencils, pictures, ephemera...and start creating! Learn how to layer different media and materials, and use color, texture and design to create a journal full of ideas. 

You can choose a subject for your journal, or you can just take it day by day and put down whatever comes to mind. There are no limits. At the beginning of each class, we'll cover a new way to combine or work with the media. Then, the goal is to do the work and go wherever it takes you. You may be surprised by where you end up!

Student Supply List - All items available through dickblick.com (item numbers are listed below).  Please bring the following items to class:

10093-1023: Strathmore Visual Journal, 90 lb. Watercolor

20777-2020: Gelly Roll Med. Pt. Black Pen

20777-1010: Gelly Roll Med. Pt. White Pen

00624-1029: Blick 6-color Basic Acrylic Paint Set (tubes)

00618-1015: Liquitex Matte Gel Medium, 8 oz.

21707-1105: Blick Matte Fixative Spray

20419-2001: General Sketch & Wash Graphite Pencil

00618-3005: Liquitex Acrylic Gesso, 8 oz.

06260-1006: Simply Simmons Bright size 6 Brush

06261-1008: Simply Simmons Round size 8 Brush

Card stock or otherwise stiff paper (for cutting out stencils)

1 X-acto knife with several blades

Various photos, small drawings, cards, printed papers, pages from old books, maps, patterns, etc. that you may want to incorporate into your journal.

Roll of wax paper

Optional items:

Bigger wash brush, craft or sponge brushes, watercolor paints and brushes, watercolor pencils and/or crayons, inks, gouache, stencils, stamps, etc. This is a mixed media class, and experimentation with different media is encouraged!

Note: If you already have any of the items listed above, even if it’s a different brand or size, bring that instead. No need to double up on supplies! Any questions? Email Kelly at kellydrake22@gmail.com.

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