Kristina Hestenes-Stimson/3D Plaster Painting

Supply List:

Bring in enough material for 3 art pieces  -Plaster drys quickly so we will work on 2 to 3 pieces simultaneously

4 standard wood stretcher bars per art piece - I used 14” square but use a size of your liking, The maximum size to be no greater than 14”x 24”

corrugated cardboard (to be cut to the size of the stretcher bar art piece shape)

Burlap (must be a minimum of 3” beyond each stretcher bar art piece edge)

Exacto blades and metal ruler to cut cardboard, ruler

wide masking tape roll  

staple gun

any kind of fast drying paint: house paint, acrylic paint, water color, tempera paint, shoe polish, food coloring ... 

One small box / bag of powdered plaster

bowl to mix plaster and water in

paint brushes

fun things to press or dip into plaster, pipe cleaners, beads, glitter......